How Do You Field Strip an SKS?


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Field strip an SKS by removing the receiver cover and recoil spring assembly. Remove the gas tube rod and gas piston from the tube, and remove the short gas rod plunger and spring. Remove the cleaning rod, and disengage the trigger guard/magazine housing. Then, pull the barreled action from the stock. Using only your hands, you can field strip an SKS in a matter of minutes.

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  1. Empty the gun's chamber

    Inspect the gun, and ensure that is not loaded.

  2. Remove the receiver cover

    Rotate the receiver cover latch upward. Press forward against the receiver cover. Pull the cover pin out to the right, and slide the receiver cover rearward and off.

  3. Remove the recoil spring assembly

    Compress the recoil spring assembly disengaging it from the receiver. Remove the bolt and bolt carrier by pulling back on the operating handle and lifting it out.

  4. Remove the gas cylinder tube

    Rotate the gas cylinder tube lock slightly upward. Remove the gas tube rod, and pull the gas piston from the gas tube.

  5. Remove the short gas rod plunger and spring

    Stand the gas tube lever upright. Remove the gas rod plunger and spring.

  6. Remove the barreled action

    Remove the cleaning rod. Depress the plunger at the bottom of the trigger guard. The trigger guard/magazine housing assembly unlocks from the receiver. Lift the barreled action up and out of the stock.

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