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Fencing is the sport where two competitors with fencing swords attempt to jab and strike each other; strikes on the torso score a hit. Each competitor's torso is sectioned off into four areas that can be attacked. Each attack is made with a one-handed, straight-armed lunge with the sword.

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Each competitor must keep their non-sword arm behind their back. Competitors attacking and defending must keep their sword arm straight and are prohibited from bending and slashing. Scores are judged either electronically or visually by two judges and the President, who acts as the referee of the match. The judges each receive one vote and the President's vote counts for one and one-half votes. After a "hit" takes place, the judges and President confer before a point is awarded.

Because fencing involves weaponry, proper attire must be worn. This attire includes a mask, gloves, jacket and plastron, which is like a quilted chest protector worn under the jacket. Players are also required to keep control of their tempers and lightly strike their opponent with the sword.

Fencing also requires a sense of decorum. Players must make a salute to the each other, the President and the judges. Following the bout, players make another salute to each other. They then remove their masks and shake hands.

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