What Is a Federal Game Warden?


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Federal game wardens are responsible for patrolling government-operated wilderness areas for illegal hunting and fishing and investigating alleged violations. They also do general wildlife census work, keep track of animal populations, monitor the travel paths of migrating animals and observe patterns of disease and other unusual animal deaths. These combined duties allow federal game wardens to serve as both experts and protectors of federal wildlife.

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Game warden jobs tend to be very competitive. Wardens often have a combined background in conservation and law enforcement, which gives them a unique skill set that is fairly difficult to attain. The duties of the game warden job itself are a mixture of investigative work, administrative tasks, conservation duties such as testifying before committees and field work in which the warden works directly with wildlife populations. Most often, applicants need at least a bachelor's degree in either law enforcement or a biological or conservation science to be considered for the position.

Game wardens are agents of the law, which means that they have the power to make arrests in their jurisdiction. While state game wardens work in state wilderness areas, federal wardens usually work in national park areas and other federally managed wilderness areas.

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