What Are Some Features of the Ultimate Beach Cart?

Features of the Ultimate Beach Cart include ample storage spaces, the ability to hold up to 300 lbs. and the ability use the cart on multiple terrains. It also has special design features to make hauling in various conditions as comfortable as possible.

The Ultimate Beach Caddy Cart is framed around a tub with an enormous capacity, notes Beach Mall. Pulling this weight on a sandy beach is made easier by the wide tire and wheel base design. The six-inch by 16-inch wheelbase provides balance and traction so that even large loads can be pulled across multiple terrains. As well as on the beach, the Ultimate Beach Caddy Cart can be used on dirt, mud, pavement and snow. The cart handle pivots to make pulling more comfortable.

The cart includes four surfboard racks, two kayak racks and two fishing rod holders. It also has bike post attachments.

As well as being stable on the move, the Ultimate Beach Caddy Cart has a front stabilizer bar, which holds the entire cart in an upright position when parked. When not in use the whole cart can be dismantled for easy storage. It fits into a small space and can be kept in a boat or car. The Ultimate Beach Caddy Cart is light enough that one person can lift it into or take it out of a car trunk unaided.