What Are the Features of a Remington .35 Whelen Gun?


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The Remington .35 Whelen features a strong medium-bore cartridge, a five-round magazine and bolt-action loading. Some of the primary features that prompted hunters in the early-to-mid 1900s to choose the Whelen over competing rifles, such as the .375 Holland and Holland and the .350 Remington, include the rifle's ability to fire without splitting unreinforced stocks and its low recoil.

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The .35 Whelen was designed in 1922 by Colonel Townsend Whelen to fill the gap made by the collapse of the .35 Newton. Though many hunters in that era used the .375 Holland and Holland Magnum, it was generally considered too large to use as a hunting rifle. The rifle needed to be able to fire bullets heavy enough to penetrate the hide of animals larger than a deer, and the .35 Whelen gave sufficient power in a lighter rifle than the .375.

The competitor that removed the .35 Whelen from the American medium-bore slot was the .338 Winchester Magnum, but some hunters still prefer to use the .35 Whelen to avoid the harder-kicking recoil from the .338. Some fans of .35 Whelen use it for bullet practice or hunting smaller animals by replacing the original full-power loads with .35-caliber handgun bullets. Others use it with the real bullets to hunt large game, as the gun reliably drops larger animals without tearing up the meat.

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