What Are the Features of K2 Snowboards?

What Are the Features of K2 Snowboards?

K2 snowboards come in a variety of riding styles including all-mountain versatile, all-mountain freestyle, powder and splitboards. K2 snowboards feature baseline options of back country, freestyle, catch free, precision and all-terrain.

K2 snowboards are offered in men's, women's and youth varieties. Regular and wide options are available, as well as beginner, intermediate and advanced riding categories.

The all-mountain versatile category includes the Joy Driver Snowboard, which is a high end snowboard of the advanced riding ability category. At size 156, the Joy Driver Snowboard has a 3/4-inch setback and a waist of 24.77 inches. The tip width measures 29.24 inches and tail width is 28.93 inches.

The K2 snowboard back country category includes the Ultra Dream Snowboard, which features a bambooyah core, standard damping and a hyper-progressive backside. The Ultra Dream Snowboard has Tweekend technology that extends the baseline rocker out to the ends of the board and provides a more stable platform to land on.

The Happy Hour Snowboard has a precision baseline and a centered stance. It also has a 4,000 sintered base and a base bevel of 1 degree. This board is for advanced riders and comes with ollie bar technology and a lifted baseline.

K2 snowboards are made with Hybritech technology, which gives the boards low swing-weight, optimized turning capability and increased durability.