What Are the Features of the Henry Lever Action .30-06 Rifle?

Unfortunately, Henry does not offer a lever action that chambers a .30-06 round. Henry is well-known for the .30-30 cartridge, a common round for lever-action rifles. Generally, the .30-06 is considered a superior round with better ballistics and a flatter trajectory, but the .30-30 is well-loved by deer hunters in brushy, hilly areas where long-range ballistics are not needed. For anyone looking for a lever action that chambers a .30-06 shell, the Browning BLR is a great option.

Benjamin Tyler Henry patented the Henry repeater in 1860. The repeater was the next step in the evolution of modern firearms, and it provided a considerable advantage over muzzleloading muskets. The original rifle chambered a .44-caliber rimfire cartridge, and by 1862, the rifle was making a significant impact on the field of battle during the Civil War. The rifle was accurate, and it had a high rate of fire for its day. Northern soldiers equipped with the Henry had a clear advantage over an enemy equipped with muzzleloaders.

As America expanded westward, the Henry became ubiquitous as a means of defense and a means to take down big game. Today, the Henry rifle is still a standard for deer hunters. The rifle is lightweight and has a short barrel, making it an excellent choice in brushy environments. Henry rifles are available in .17 HMR, .22, .22 magnum, 30/30 and .45-70. They are also available in .45 Colt, .44 magnum, .44 special and the .357 magnum. The rifle is part of the American heritage, and it has had an important role to play in the history and culture of the United Sates. The Henry is still known today for its superior design, smooth action and beauty.