What Features Are Good for a Fishing Pier Cam?


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Ideal fishing pier webcam features include network/IP interface, fixed-position mount, digital zoom, medium to high resolution, auto-focus and captioning. The protective housing for the camera is important, considering most fishing pier cams are outdoors.

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A network/IP interface (vs. basic) does not require a computer. It can be plugged straight into a router and is always on. A fixed position camera is less expensive than a PTZ (point-tilt-zoom) camera and is more appropriate for a static fishing pier. An auto-focus feature does not require an operator, which is ideal for live video of one location/shot. The higher the resolution, the better the image quality. Captioning allows the buyer to label the picture with a company logo or other static image. Many other features are available, like optical zoom, infrared video and video storage, but they are unlikely to be necessary for a fishing pier webcam.

Because the webcam is likely to be outdoors and near water, it is essential to make sure the camera has sufficient water and weather protection. The housing may come with the camera as one unit, or it may be a separate case the camera goes into.

To produce a live feed of a fishing pier, the webcam will also need sufficient cable and a reliable broadband service.

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