What Are Some Features of the 7mm-08 Remington?


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Remington 7mm-08 ammunition offers a flatter trajectory than .308 ammunition and comes in three loads, 120 grain hollow point, 140 grain Core-Lokt and 140 Accutip. Hunters prefer this particular type of ammunition for hunting medium game with lightweight rifles.

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Remington's 120 grain hollow point 7mm-08 load reaches a velocity of 3000 feet per second in a 22 inch barrel and is adequate for varmints and light game less than 90 pounds in weight. The company's 140 grain Core-Lokt load reaches a velocity of 2800 feet per second in a 22-inch barrel with excellent performance on game at moderate ranges. Its combination of broad wounding, moderate penetration and negligible risk of jacket core separation make it ideal for hunters who rarely take shots at distances further than 200 yards.

The Remington 140 grain Accutip load performs very well at long ranges but is prohibitively expensive for many hunters. It produces traumatic wounding on medium-sized game up to 180 pounds in weight and offers fair penetration; wounding is clean up from distances of up to 375 yards, although the bullet offers its best performance from within 250 yards. This particular load is susceptible to jacket core separation. However, due to the large size of the bullet fragments, incidence of jacket core separation are rarely detrimental to performance.

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