What Are Some Features of the 1911A1 Pistol?


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The features of the 1911 A1 pistol vary between manufacturers, though there are some common features between the various brands. The specs and features can also vary depending on when the gun was manufactured, due to changes in technology and materials through the years. The types of dies used to form the guns has also changed over the years with the advancements, allowing gun makers to change the outer appearance as well as make their guns visually different from each other.

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The 1911 A1 pistols come in both 9mm and .45 calibers, although the .45 is the more common size. They come in both single action and semi-automatic, but the semi-automatics can also come with a recoil feature. The single-action models hold around seven shots on average while the semi-automatic can hold nine rounds. The length of the gun can vary from model to model, but range between 8.5 inches and 8.75 inches. The barrel itself usually measures around 5 inches in length. These model guns are not extremely heavy, but they do have a decent weight, especially if someone is looking for a gun he can shoot for long periods without wearing his hand out. The 1911 A1 averages around 2 1/2 lbs.

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