What Is the Fastest Speed Reached by a Bobsleigh?

fastest-speed-reached-bobsleigh Credit: Ascent Xmedia/Stone/Getty Images

The fastest speed that a bobsleigh can reach is roughly 135 kilometers, or 84 miles per hour. This speed depends on how many people are in a team, but in most situations four-man bobsledding teams can travel faster than two-man teams.

Apart from the number of people on a bobsledding team, the greatest factor that determines speed is the momentum gained at the start. A fast start can result in seconds saved over the length of the course. Four-man bobsledding teams have the ability to go faster because they have two additional sledders to provide extra weight and thrust. Apart from this, steering also plays a major role in the speed of a bobsleigh because any drifting can slow down the bobsleigh considerably.