What Was the Fastest Slap Shot Ever?

fastest-slap-shot-ever Credit: Gregg Forwerck/National Hockey League/Getty Images

The fastest slap shot recorded at an ice hockey event is 110.3 mph as of October 2014. That shot was made by Russian Denis Kulyash at the Continental Hockey League's all-star skills competition in February 2011.

The fastest slap shot recorded by an NHL player is 108.8 mph, made by Zdeno Chara at the 2012 all-star skills competition in Ottawa, Canada. The slap shot eclipsed Chara's old record of 105.9 mph. When Chara set the new record for the "hardest shot" competition, he claimed his fifth victory in a row for the event.

One skill shot recorded by Jared Cowen at the March 2014 all-star event hit 110.5 mph, but the puck was made of foam and not vulcanized rubber. Cowen was victimized by a prankster with access to the pucks at the event.