How Fast Do Olympic Speed Skaters Go?

As of 2015, the fastest Olympic speed skaters are Casey FitzRandolph and Gerard van Velde, who completed events at a speeds above 52 kilometers an hour. Van Velde completed a 1000-meter event in just over 1 minute, 7 seconds, and FitzRandolph finished a 500-meter event in 34.42 seconds.

The American FitzRandolph set his record in February 2002 during the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics. His average speed was calculated at 52.37 kilometers per hour. Van Velde, from the Netherlands, also set his record in Salt Lake City. His average speed was 53.59 kilometers per hour. Female skaters holding records in those events are Lee Sang-hwa of South Korea and Chris Witty of the United States, though both their records are not as fast as the men's records.