Who Are Some Famous Soccer Players?


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Some famous soccer players include Mia Hamm, Alfredo Di Stefano and Radamel Falcao. Most people note that the most famous soccer player in the United States is David Beckham.

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Alfredo Di Stefano, who was born in 1926 and passed away in 2014, was a star for soccer clubs in both Argentina and Columbia before he made a game-changing decision to head to Spain. He was later named the head coach of Real Madrid.

Another star soccer player is Mia Hamm, who is a female soccer player in the U.S. Radamel Falcao is heralded for the most goals for Portugal while he was on the team. He later moved to France to continue his career.

David Beckham has reached both athletic and celebrity success in the U.S., playing soccer on the field, marrying a superstar and even starring in a few movies.

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