Who Are Some Famous Professional Athletes That Have No Tattoos?

At least five famous professional athletes have no tattoos. Albert Pujols, Peyton Manning, his younger brother Eli Manning, Dwayne Wade and Dwight Howard all sport tattoo-free skin.

Tattoos on professional athletes, musicians and actors are somewhat pervasive. Although tattoos have become quite commonplace, some professional sports stars, such as Kevin Durant, make a point of strategically placing their tattoos to avoid being passed over by potential sponsors and advertisers. Conversely, athletes such as Colin Kaepernick have purposely shined a spotlight on their tattoos to help establish their brand with audiences and merchandisers.

ESPN points out that some of the apparent problems with professional athlete's tattoo designs are blatant errors, confusing messages, lack of creativity or just downright crudeness. Unfortunately for the athletes and their sponsors, poorly conceived messages or designs are not the biggest problem with visible tattoos. Some famous athletes and the companies that hire them for endorsement deals, have been sued by tattoo artists for copyright infringement. According to Bloomberg Business Week, as of 2013, tattoo designs are not included in any rules regarding copyright laws. This leaves the door open for artists to seek compensation for their original tattoo designs which are displayed on commercials, posters, video games and other media without their prior knowledge. Although a few lawsuits citing tattoo copyright infringement have been filed by artists, they have all been settled out of court.