Who Are Some of the Most Famous Basketball Recruits of All Time?

Who Are Some of the Most Famous Basketball Recruits of All Time?

Some of the most famous basketball recruits of all time include Pete Maravich, Moses Malone, Rick Mount and Kobe Bryant. Others include Lebron James, Lew Alcindor, Allen Iverson and Wilt Chamberlain.

Pete Maravich was first noticed by people in his neighborhood where he played basketball for hours at a time. By the time he was a junior in high school his family had moved to North Carolina, where his father was a coach at North Carolina State University. Two years later, his dad got the head coaching job at Louisiana State University, and Pete was recruited by his father to play there.

Moses Malone was wanted by almost every college in the United States. In high school, he led his teams to 50 consecutive wins and back-to-back state titles. Malone was recruited by and played at the University of Maryland, but only stayed for a short while before entering the American Basketball Association and later the NBA.

Kobe Bryant, although he didn't play in college, was heavily recruited. Bryant broke Wilt Chamberlain's scoring titles in high school and even scrimmaged with an NBA team in his senior year.

Averaging more than 20 points a game in high school, Lebron James ranks among the most heavily recruited players of all time. He skipped college to play professionally. He almost went to the pros in his junior year; however, the NBA turned down his petition to do so.