What Is Family Naturist Camping?


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Family naturist camping consists of typical family camping or recreation activities performed without wearing clothing. The term "naturists" loosely refers to people who embrace a nudist lifestyle.

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Since many places have laws against public nudity, most naturist camping takes place on private property. There are designated campgrounds, beaches and resorts that specifically cater to naturists. There are several clubs who organize events for naturists, with varying degrees of exclusivity. Some require that patrons have a membership with a recognized naturalist society. Many family resorts do not allow single men inside without some kind of reference or recommendation.

The difference between the terms "naturism" and "nudism" is that the latter, by definition, is simply the act of being without clothing, whereas the former tends to be associated with a whole lifestyle. The overall philosophy of the naturist lifestyle is that nudity is the natural state of all human beings, and that there should be no shame in baring one's naked body. Many choose to perform day-to-day activities without wearing clothes. While some simply enjoy the freedom they feel from being clothes-free, others actively work to normalize nudity in society. Naturist groups often advocate physical fitness and healthy eating as part of their desire to be more synchronized with nature.

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