What Factors Affect NCAA Football Ratings?


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Factors that affect NCAA football ratings are the strength of schedule, total wins, head-to-head competition and locations. Also, elements such as overall performance, improvements, consistency and common opponents play an important role in NCAA football ratings.

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There are a couple of weekly ranking polls that rate college football teams. The AP Poll, or the Associate Press Poll, publishes the list of the top 25 teams in the nation every week. A selective group of coaches also rates their top 25 teams.

Additionally, the BCS standing uses a mathematical formula that is created by three different factors. These three factors are the USA Today Coaches Poll, Harris Interactive College Poll and the average standard of six computer rankings. These different components are calculated to find the BCS standing of each team. The team that receives the highest score is ranked number one on the BCS standing list.

In addition, college football utilizes a final playoff system. A group of highly qualified people, such as coaches, student-athletes, journalists and college administrators, rates every team by the strength of schedule, head-to-head games and overall performance. After the last game of the season, the committee reveals which four teams play in the College Football Playoffs that year.

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