What Are the Facility Requirements for Wheelchair Basketball?


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Wheelchair basketball requires a full-size basketball court with a wooden floor and pull-down suspended baskets at each end, as well as access to nearby drinking water, changing rooms, toilets and first aid, including a treatment room. Wheelchair basketball is usually played on a standard basketball court with some modifications and extra facilities.

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The International Wheelchair Basketball Federation is the governing body for this sport. The game is based on standard basketball, but it introduces some adaptations to reflect the use of the wheelchair in the game. It strives to harmonize the different levels of disabilities that players have.

The National Wheelchair Basketball Association specifies a minimum length of 84 feet and width of 50 feet for the basketball court. In addition to the pull-down baskets and other basic facility requirements, the location should also include team bench areas along the basketball court, with seven seats available for the team so that all players can use their wheelchairs at the bench. If a platform is used, it must have a ramp to make it accessible for a person in a wheelchair. Accessibility to the court by wheelchair needs to be ensured with a ramp wherever necessary. There must also be an entrance that is wide enough to accommodate basketball wheelchairs. Ramps should be placed in the locker rooms as well as sitting areas for spectators.

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