What Exercises Can a Person Do With a Twist Board?


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Twist boards are useful for performing a variety of basic swivel exercises, both alone and with the assistance of tools such as weights and resistance bands. The primary motion always revolves around using one's legs and feet to twist one's body, while supplemental utensils such as dumbbells or weight balls can increase the intensity of the balance required to perform the twists.

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Twist-board exercises are designed to target the core abdominal muscles and improve balance. They are believed to assist in improving alignment of the spine, hips and pelvis by keeping the core muscles constantly engaged, according to the Houston Chronicle. Twist boards are uncomplicated pieces of equipment that are relatively small, making them attractive to people who enjoy working out at home.

Twist boards are comprised of two linked disks, one of which remains stationary by gripping the ground, while the other spins on top in response to the user's guided foot movements. Twist boards can rotate a full 360 degrees. Because of their simple design, twist boards may not offer much calorie-burning potential. It's up to the user to make her twist-board activity demanding enough through the creative use of weights and other tools to achieve a substantial workout.

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