What Are Some Examples of Golf Humor?


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Some examples of golf humor include a joke about missing a wife's funeral for a game of golf and a joke about a man playing golf while on vacation in Ireland. Another example of golf humor focuses on the achievement of hitting the ball so far that it's necessary to get in the cart in order to travel to it.

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In the first golf joke, a group of retired men play golf once a week. This continues for many years. One day, a funeral procession passes the group during a round. One of the men tells the others to take off their hats and show respect to the passing procession. The other men express surprise because the man making the request never insisted on respect before. As the man explains, the deceased woman is his wife.

The second example of golf humor tells the story of a man who decides to play a round of golf while on vacation in Ireland. The man's first shot goes wildly out of bounds. The man calls a Mulligan and shoots again. This time, the man's shot travels far and straight. The man then explains the concept of calling a Mulligan. The man asks what the Irish call a Mulligan. The men reply that they call it hitting three.

The third joke about golf tells the story of a group of men returning from a round of golf. When the professional asks if the men had a good round, all the men reply that the round was good and that they each hit several riders. The professional does not know the definition of a "rider." The men explain that a rider is when a golfer hits the ball so far that he must get in the cart and drive to the next shot.

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