What Are Some Examples of Cheers and Chants?

Some examples of popular cheers and chants include "Go, Fight, Win!" "Hustle," and "Let's Go." Cheerleading squads often perform these cheers at football and basketball games. According to Top Cheers, the words to "Go! Fight! Win!" are, "Go, fight, win! (clap), Panthers, stand up and yell. Go, fight, win! (clap)."

The lines of this cheer are repeated several times. Cheerleaders can insert the name of any team they wish in the place of Panthers.

"Hustle" has simple words: "Hustle. (clap) Get to it. (clap) Eagles. (clap) Let's do it! (clap)." "Let's Go" is a very simple chant that goes as follows: "Let's go, Eagles, let's go!" (clap, clap).

Cheerleading is a popular sport among high-school and college students. Although commonly thought of as a female sport, it was actually open only to men until 1923. Women began cheering during World War II when many men were off at war. Today, men and women of all ages compete in national cheerleading competitions through organizations such as the National Cheerleaders Association and World Cheerleading Association. Cheerleading teams use popular cheers, such as the ones above, as well as unique cheers that they write themselves for competitions or for use on the sidelines.