What Are Some Examples of Bow and Arrow Games?


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Examples of bow and arrow games include balloon pool, the "V" target game and the closest arrow target game. Balloon pool requires balloons, while the other games require certain types of targets.

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What Are Some Examples of Bow and Arrow Games?
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Balloon pool uses 16 small balloons, with eight of one color and eight of another. The balloons are taped together. Two players alternate turns shooting at balloons. Once a player has shot a balloon, he claims that color. The first player to shoot all his balloons wins.

In the "V" target game, players shoot at a large, v-shaped target. Whichever player shoots an arrow the lowest, within the open space between the letter's lines, is the winner.

The closest arrow target game uses a dart board type target. Players shoot three arrows. The player whose arrow lands closest to the center is the winner.

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