What Are Some Examples of Basketball Chants and Cheers?

Examples of basketball cheers and chants include, "Dribble, pass it, lets make a basket," "Down the floor, shoot it, score" and repeating the word "defense," separating the syllables each time to make them longer. Cheers can incorporate claps or stomps to get the crowd involved. Some chants are customizable, which allows the chanters to use the name or colors of the team.

Basketball cheerleaders can use claps or stomps in their routine and let the crowd join in if they want, or they can encourage the crowd to join in during their chant. For example, the cheerleaders can say, "Let me see you stomp" or, "Clap your hands together" and then point to the crowd. Another option is asking the crowd to say a short word or phrase, such as the word "go" or the team's name.

Spelling out words and phrases are simple, popular chants. For basketball, common words and phrases to spell out include, "Put it in," "score," "rebound," "dunk" and the team's name. Cheerleaders can spell words with the crowd by saying, "Give me an..." followed by the letter and repeating this process for each letter of the word. Counting is also common for chants. For example, one popular chant is counting to three and then yelling the team's name.