What Are Some Essential Items to Put on a Camping List?


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Essential camping list items include shelter, bedding, cooking equipment, clothing and personal care items. One of the most important items to include on a camping list is a comprehensive first aid kit.

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Examples of camping shelter items include tents, tent stakes and shade tarps. Bedding items include sleeping bags, pillows, air mattresses and their associated air pumps or repair kits.

Cooking equipment differs depending on the type and location of camping trip undertaken. Some examples of essential cooking equipment likely to be necessary on any kind of trip include dish soap, food storage containers, water jugs and reliable fire starters. Essential personal items for a camping trip include soap, toothpaste, towels and toilet paper. Miscellaneous essentials include work gloves, fire extinguishers and pocket knives.

A camper's first aid kit should include plenty of roll bandages, sterile gauze and antibiotic products. Sterile compresses and splinting materials should also be present. Some first aid kits come with road flares, which can be useful in case of an emergency. Certain first aid kits have special products designed to relieve the injuries most common to certain areas, such as snake bites, and topical cream for contact with local poisonous plants. Whenever possible, get a first aid kit as fully stocked as possible and take time to learn how to use its contents.

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