How Do You Erect a First-Up Canopy Screen?

How Do You Erect a First-Up Canopy Screen?

To erect a First-Up canopy and screen, extend the frame, attach the top canopy, pull out the legs, attach the screen cover and stake down the frame, note the official Hutshop and Walmart websites. Many of the First-Up canopies feature adjustable heights as well as carrying bags.

Many First-Up canopies feature lightweight frames that are easy to transport, and the canopy covers feature UV-blocking technology. The frame stakes down, which provides stability on windy days, and the frame, canopy and screens are quick to assemble. To erect a First-Up canopy and screen, follow the steps below.

  1. Extend the frame
  2. Remove the canopy from the carrying case and extend the folded frame components, states the Hutshop website.

  3. Attach the canopy
  4. Unfold the fabric shell, stretch it over and attach it to the frame.

  5. Pull out the legs
  6. Unfold and pull out the extendable legs, adjust the height and push up on the quick hubs to lock the frame in place.

  7. Attach the screen cover
  8. Use the quick clips to attach the aluminum rings and hooks on the screen cover to the canopy. Close the zippers on the front and back to cover the frame and keep bugs out.

  9. Attach the stakes
  10. Secure the frame to the ground with the provided steel stakes.