What Equipment Is Used in the Sport of Shooting?


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The primary equipment used in shooting sports are firearms and similar projectile weapons. The most common secondary equipment used are targets. A pistol or rifle shooting target may be a stationary or mobile bullseye printed on a board or sheet. Shotgun sports use small discs, known as clay pigeons, mechanically launched into the air. The third most common class of shooting equipment are safety items like shatterproof glasses, ear protection and clothing with added padding.

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Shooting sports come in three broad categories: pistol, rifle and shotgun. Within each category there are further divisions and subvarieties. The Olympics features 15 separate shooting events in the summer games, and one in the winter events. The weapons used in the Olympics are often highly specialized and vary widely from their nonsport counterparts. The Olympics also have a division devoted to compressed air pistols and rifles. Olympic shooters often use blinders to minimize distractions and limit wind exposure to the eye.

Action shooting involves starting with the pistol holstered and rapidly firing at series of targets as they pop up. A subvariety of this style restricted to weapons available in the 19th century American Old West has developed. Participants in these events often don period dress and engage in historical re-enactments.

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