What Equipment Is Needed for Roller Hockey?

What Equipment Is Needed for Roller Hockey?

The necessary equipment for roller hockey includes roller skates without brakes, a helmet, elbow pads, hockey gloves, an athletic cup, and pads for the knees and shins. Mouth guards and either a full face mask or a half mask are recommended.

In addition to the protective gear, roller hockey players need a hockey stick, a jersey and roller hockey pants. Jerseys and pants for hockey should be durable but have built-in breathable panels. Some roller hockey players choose to wear shoulder pads, although it's not necessary in quad roller hockey since there's no checking in that sport.

Goalies have their own set of specialized equipment. They need a set of goalie blockers for the legs, chest protectors, a goalie mask, goalie gloves, a goalie stick and goalie-style skates.

To play roller hockey, street hockey balls and nets are also needed. Roller hockey balls are made of highly dense rubber specially designed to minimize bounce. Hockey nets are metal frames with heavy-duty nylon netting. One net is needed for each end of the playing field.

Roller hockey can be either of two designations, inline and quad. Inline hockey is played on inline skates, and it is similar to traditional ice hockey. It is also a contact sport, so all the protective equipment is necessary, including shoulder pads. Quad roller hockey is played on standard roller skates.