What Equipment Do You Need for Mountain Climbing?

Some important equipment for mountain climbing includes a backpack, helmet, boots and crampons. If the climbing is taking place in the snow, often found in high elevations, an ice axe and protective eye wear are a necessity as well.

While the type of climbing equipment has remained the same through the years, the style and technology has changed. For example, when Sir Edmund Hillary climbed Mount Everest in 1953, the load he carried weighed around 44 pounds. Modern improvements in equipment technology cut that weight down by nearly half that or less.

Basic equipment remains the same regardless of weather when climbing. This includes a backpack, boots, helmet and crampons, which are spikes attached to the bottom of a climber's boots. They allow for secure footing on otherwise unsteady terrain. Clothing depends on the location where one chooses to climb. If attempting a hike where it's cold, or climbing on mountains with a high elevation, one should choose lightweight yet warm clothing. Long underwear, short-sleeved shirts, long-sleeved shirts, and down jackets are appropriate. Layers work well for warm weather climbs. This allows for one to remove layers as their body temperature increases.

Other miscellaneous items include personal things such as sunscreen, lip screen and toiletries. A first aid kit is also something important to have in one's backpack in case of emergency.