What Equipment Do You Need to Go Camping?


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Basic camping supplies for the most simple overnight trip include a tent or a shelter, a sleeping bag, an ax or hammer for the tent stakes, a flashlight and water bottles. A first aid kit is always recommended as well. The amount of equipment needed for a camping trip can vary greatly depending on the environment and location of the camping area, the length of stay intended, the type of activities desired and the number of campers on the trip.

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Typically, camping trips of more than one night require more equipment than shorter stays, such as a cooler or storage container for food, cooking gear and utensils, larger water storage devices, extra batteries and a lantern. The amount of gear that is needed depends on the level of comfort desired by the campers.

Campers in cold or harsh weather need additional gear than those in mild or warm climates. If the campsite is accessible by vehicle then the campers have many more options of equipment that they can include, such as cook stoves, porta-potties, radios or televisions, and portable showers. However, if the camping spot is going to be accessed on foot by hiking or backpacking, the amount and type of equipment is limited by what the campers can carry.

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