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Edwin Watts is a golf professional and the founder of the Edwin Watts Golf retail chain. He appears to no longer be involved with running the stores, selling his interest in the company in 2007.

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Edwin Watts worked as a caddy and store clerk as a young man at a golf course near his home in Niceville, Florida. At age 22 he was hired as the head professional at a course that had just opened at Fort Walton Beach. His primary duty was running the pro shop, which gave him his introduction to the world of retail.

At the time, pro shops rarely carried clubs. Edwin decided to change that at his shop, redesigning it to hold clubs and other game equipment. He named the new shop Edwin Watts Golf. The shop was very successful, and the chain would expand to 45 shops in 12 states by 2013.

The company went into bankruptcy in 2013, citing competition from big-box retail stores and a series of poor product launches. As of March 2015, the Edwin Watts Golf chain is owned by Worldwide Golf Shops, and stores still bear the Edwin Watts name. After selling his interest, Watts still lives in the Gulf Coast of Florida.

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