What Education Do You Need to Be a Football Player?

There are no educational requirements to play football professionally; however, the majority of professional football players played the sport at a collegiate level, and there are certain requirements to meet to play football in college. The key requirements are graduating from high school, completing certain core classes with a passing grade and taking either the SAT or ACT and achieving a certain minimum score.

Specifically at the NCAA Division I level, a player needs to complete 16 core courses and achieve a GPA of 2.0 or higher. These courses include English, math, natural or physical science, social science and varied courses such as foreign language, philosophy or religion. The lowest acceptable score for the SAT is 400 and for the ACT is 37. The core course GPA and exam scores must meet the minimum requirements of the NCAA' sliding scale, meaning that the lower the player's GPA, the higher the SAT or ACT score must be. The requirements for competing at the NCAA Division II, NCAA Division III or NAIA level are similar but somewhat less stringent.