What Are Some Easy-to-Use Ground Blind Plans?


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Basic ground blind plans are available on the DIY Box Blind for Deer Hunting page of The Outdoor Texan website. The plans take the viewer step-by-step on how the blind is built, and also provide accompanying photos of each step. The resulting blind is 4 feet by 8 feet in size.

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The first step is laying down and trimming two 4x4-foot runners, and the next step consists of attaching the floor pan to the runners. The builder then puts on the floor plate and places chalk lines and screw hole marks. When putting up the wall joists, the builder should consider how wide and high to place the viewing windows (and coordinate them with the seat heights inside the blind).

The builder next uses 3/8-inch plywood to provide skin for the structure. Once this skin is on, the builder can then verify the steadiness of the structure. The builder next cuts out the windows before fully attaching the skin. Next, the roof goes on, and the builder can use three treated 1x4 pieces for support.

Building a blind can take up to ten hours. The builder can add foliage-colored paint if desired, and should allow deer to get used to the structure before using it for hunting.

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