What Are Some Easy Floor Cheers for Cheerleading Squads?

Examples of easy floor cheers for cheerleading squads include "Headed for the Top" and "Number One." These are floor cheers that have been adapted from cheers featured in American Cheerleader Magazine.

The "Headed for the Top" cheer begins with the cheerleaders saying the name of the school and their mascot. Then, it goes, "...are here to compete. / Come on, / fans, / get up on your feet! / Green, / gold, / can't be stopped." After this line, the school and mascot are repeated, followed by "...headed for the top!" The colors in this floor cheer are replaced with the appropriate school colors.

"Number One" also starts with the cheerleaders saying the school name and mascot. This is followed by "...are here having fun, / but don't / forget, / we're still number / one!" After the "we're still number one" line, the cheerleaders clap three times before saying "one."

Cheerleading squads can make up motions to go with these floor cheers and modify the words if needed. Common motions for easy cheers include a high V and hands on the hips. Motions for cheers should be snappy and sharp, according to About.com. Practicing in front of a mirror is a good idea for making sure the motions aren't sloppy.