How Do You Drive a Boat?


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Before driving a boat, boaters need to go through a boat safety course and learn the rules of the water. Driving a boat is not like driving a car, even though there is a forward and reverse motion with a steering wheel, there are also wind and current to account for when trying to maneuver the watercraft.

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All boats are different, although driving basics remain very similar. A boater should become familiar with all parts of the boat before taking it out on the water. The boater should find the rules and regulations for the waterway being navigated.

Never consume alcohol when operating a boat and make sure all safety equipment is on board before leaving the dock, such as life jackets, compass, flares and rope.

When driving towards waves, it is best to take them on at a 45-degree angle to avoid a rough and wet ride. Most boats are equipped with a speed control feature that allows the boat to travel at a specific speed at a constant level. The speed controls allow the boat to be maneuvered easily at a constant speed either in reverse or forward motion, making it a great feature for water sports and other water activities.

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