How Do You Dribble a Soccer Ball?

How Do You Dribble a Soccer Ball?

Dribbling a soccer ball involves using all of the parts of the foot to move the ball down the field. Practicing dribbling drills is a helpful way for a soccer player to become comfortable with this move.

Similar to the move with the same name in basketball, dribbling in soccer is a way for a player to retain control of the ball while moving into place to score. There are many components that work together to make the move successful.

  1. Use the inside of the foot
  2. Controlling the ball with the inside of the foot is the most common way to dribble the ball. These are also called foundation touches. The ankle should be locked, with the toe of the foot up and knee slightly bent. With the arms out for balance, the ball is tapped lightly between the feet while moving down the field.

  3. Use the outside and sole of the foot
  4. The outside and sole of the foot are used to change direction and move the ball when in a tight space between other players. With the outside of the foot, the toes are up and ankle locked. The sole of the foot can also be used to roll the ball away from an opposing teammate, to shield the ball or to pass the ball.

  5. Use the laces
  6. Dribbling with the laces, or top, of the foot is helpful when extra speed is needed. In this move, the toes are down and the ankle is locked.