How Do You Dive?


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To dive, jump into the water with a friction-minimizing pose that allows you to plunge deeply without harming yourself. The whole process involves getting into the appropriate diving position and then pushing yourself with the appropriate force.

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  1. Take the initial position

    Find a deep pool of water, as shallow surfaces are dangerous for diving. Find a place where there is a straight-edged platform from which you can dive. Stand with your feet together and toes over the edge, and curl them to grip the platform. Next, crouch by putting your knees against your chest. Extend your arms above your head, and bring your hands together to form a triangle.

  2. Lean and jump

    Lean outwards, pushing forth into the water. Make sure that you blow out of your nose as you go down into the water. Go in head first to minimize impact pressure. Bend your body into an arc so that it points like an arrow towards the water. As you hit the water, straighten your body, and breath out of your nose.

  3. Practice

    Practice at first on lower heights and by using less force when you are about to leap into the water. Get comfortable with the surface and the temperature of the water.

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