How Do You Disassemble a Remington 742?


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A Remington 742 centerfire rifle is disassembled by removing the fore-end, action tube, barrel, bolt assembly and trigger plate. Further disassembly should be performed only by a qualified gunsmith.

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A screwdriver, pin punch and hammer are needed for disassembly. Begin by unloading the firearm and verifying that it is clear of any ammunition. Use the screwdriver to unscrew and remove the fore-end. Use the hammer and pin punch to knock out the action tube support pin. Remove the action tube support. Remove the action tube and spring. Unscrew and remove the barrel take down nut. Remove the barrel by rotating it so that it clears the action bars. Use the hammer and pin punch to drive out the operating handle pin. Pull out the operating handle. Pull out the action bar with the bolt assembly. Push the bolt assembly out of the action bar assembly. Remove the bolt carrier from the bolt assembly. Remove the trigger plate assembly from the receiver.

To reassemble the rifle, reverse the disassembly steps. When reassembling the rifle, the barrel take down nut must be tight, and the hole in the action bar sleeve must be aligned with the nozzle end of the gas tube to ensure proper operation. The fore-end must be firmly against the receiver when the rifle is reassembled for best accuracy.

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