What Are Some Different Types of Knots?


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Some different types of knots include the overhand knot, square knot, bowline knot, rolling hitch and constrictor knot. Different knots are suitable for different situations. Some knots are designed to join two separate ropes together and others are designed to connect a rope to stationary objects such as poles.

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The most basic of all knots is the overhand knot. Two overhand knots, one on top of the other, form the very useful square knot. The square knot is one of the most well-known knots in history and is used to join two lengths of rope or cloth together. The square knot is used to create a reliable bandage or an improvised belt out of short lengths of rope or cloth, but it is not suitable for holding heavy weight. Knots such as the double fisherman's knot and triple fisherman's knot are stronger knot types that are useful in search and rescue operations, rock climbing and other critical situations because they don't slide or slip.

When joining two lengths of rope together that are of different diameters try using a sheet, or Becket, bend knot. It's more resistant to slippage than the square knot and it is also stronger but still remains very easy to untie. Make sure that a sheet bend is snug before putting any strain on it.

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