What Are the Different Types of Golf Club Wedges?


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The four different types of golf club wedges are the pitching, gap, sand and lob wedge. The wedges differ in how much loft they produce, making them all ideal for different scenarios.

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The pitching wedge is the most common and is a staple in virtually every golf bag. Pitching wedges usually have between 44 and 50 degrees of loft, meaning they have the least loft amount of all the wedges. Due to their mixture of loft and distance, golfers often use pitching wedges for approach shots from the rough or fairway. Gap wedges have between 46 and 54 degrees of loft, but with a distance of between 90 and 110 yards, gap wedge shots do not travel as far as those of pitching wedges.

The sand wedge has around 54 to 58 degrees of loft, making it easy for the golfer to get the club head under the ball and produce effective shots from hazards such as a sand trap or rough. Sand wedge shots rarely travel farther than 90 yards, so they are best used for short approach shots. Lob wedges produce the most loft and least distance, so they are useful if the golfer needs to get the ball into the air quickly or if the golfer does not want the ball to roll upon landing.

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