What Are the Different Types of Fishing Hooks?


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There are a number of different types of fishing hooks available, such as Aberdeen hooks, bait hooks, circle hooks, jig hooks, octopus hooks, Siwash hooks, treble hooks and worm hooks. Each type of hook is designed to hold different baits and catch a number of different fish, and they can be tied directly to a fishing line or attached to artificial lures. They can also be used for different fishing styles like casting or fly fishing.

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Most hooks are useful in both freshwater and saltwater; in oceans, seas, lakes, ponds and rivers; and at the water's edge or in deep water. There are several different parts to a hook, including the point and eye. Point styles include hollow, knife edge, needle point, rolled-in and spear while eye types include looped, needle, ringed and tapered. Besides type, hooks are marketed by size, with the smallest being in the 26, 28, 30 and 32 range and the largest hooks being in the 18/0, 19/0 and 20/0 range. Although most hooks are "J" shaped, there are many variations.

  • Aberdeen hooks are popular bait fishing hooks that are lighter than a Siwash hook.
  • Bait hooks are available in both long and short shanks. They are the most popular general hook.
  • Circle hooks are a shorter hook that has a circular shape and a point that bends inward.
  • Jig hooks have a pronounced bend right below the eye.
  • Octopus hooks are short-shank hooks that are nearly round in shape, but not as much as circle hooks.
  • Siwash hooks are hooks with a long shank and straight eye that work best with spinnerbaits.
  • Treble hooks are a hooks with three shanks and hooks on each single hook. Often attached to artificial lures, large treble hooks can hold bait on each section.
  • Work hooks are a popular form of weedless hook with a long shank and a slight bend below the eye.
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