What Are the Different Things Boy Scouts Can Do to Earn Badges?

Boy Scouts can earn merit badges in a wide variety of different activities, including American cultures, American heritage, backpacking, canoeing, cycling, first aid, game design, music, photography, programming, public speaking and sports. Scouts and parents can find a complete list of merit badges on the official Boy Scouts of America website, along with information on how to earn each badge.

There are over 100 merit badges available. Each badge has different requirements for completion. Earning merit badges involves the following steps.

  1. Choose a subject
  2. There are a wide variety of different subjects available. Pick a subject that interests them and review the requirements carefully.

  3. Receive the application
  4. Obtaina signed merit badge application, also known as a blue card, from the unit leader.

  5. Meet with the merit badge counselor
  6. Merit badge counselors are people who are knowledgeablein specificmerit badge subjects. Theyadvise Scouts on how to complete their merit badges. Scouts are required to bring a third party, such as a friend or relative, with them to meetings with merit badge counselors.

  7. Start working on the badge
  8. Do any activities necessary to complete the badge. Learn any in-depth knowledge.

  9. Do a test with the merit badge counselor
  10. Make an appointment to demonstratetheirknowledge and abilities in the merit badge subject. Bring along any relevant materials and completea test of all requirements to earn the badge.