What Are the Different Kinds of Shooting in the Basketball?

Different kinds of shooting in basketball include a bank shot, a jump shot, a lay-up and a free throw. A shot can be worth one, two or three points, depending on its type and/or location.

A bank shot occurs when a shooter aims for a point on the backboard square. It is most common among post players and is rarely used from behind the three-point line. A lay-up is often a bank shot, but lay-ups do not necessarily have to involve the backboard.

Because a lay-up is so close to the basket, it is often the easiest shot for players. Technique often entails aiming the ball at the closest top corner of the square on the backboard and starting with the right foot if the player is on the right side of the basket. Lay-up shots should not be attempted too forcefully, as the ball might miss the basket after bouncing off the backboard.

A jump shot is two points or, if made from behind the three-point line, three points. It occurs away from the basket and outside of the rectangular painted area.

A free throw is also called a foul shot. It is worth one point and takes place 15 feet from the basket. An arc helps a player make a free throw.