What Are Some Different Golf Club Distances?


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The average distance for hitting with a driver is 280 to 320 yards for a pro golfer, 200 to 260 yards for a male amateur, and 150 to 200 yards for a female amateur. However, all golf club distances or yardages vary according to the particular club used and are personal to the golfer.

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Personal attributes such as age and gender along with coordination and strength can influence the power and precision of a swing. A golfer may be a short hitter, a mid hitter or a long hitter. The type of ball, the nature of the course and the weather, especially wind, also play a role. Due to all these elements, wide variation exists in distances, and short hitters are not innately disadvantaged.

Of the clubs, drivers generally have the longest distances. Next are woods with a male amateur averaging 170 to 210 yards with a 5-wood, followed by irons. A 2-iron matches the yardage for a 5-wood, while a 9-iron averages 95 to 130 yards. Wedges have the shortest distances, with a sand wedge averaging 60 to 100 yards. The distances for female golfers are usually shorter than those of a male of the same skill level, though as with the other factors, this depends on the individual player.

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