What Are the Different Classes of Wrestling Title Belts?

What Are the Different Classes of Wrestling Title Belts?

There are no definitive classes of professional wrestling belts, per se, although a championship belt in professional wrestling typically connotes the reigning title-holder in his weight class. Each kind of championship has its associated belt, and there is one belt for the champion.

Professional wrestling championship belts are similar to boxing championship belts or mixed-martial arts championship belts, which correspond to a particular weight class, such as welterweight, middleweight and heavyweight. Similarly, scholastic and collegiate wrestlers receive championship belts for successfully competing and winning in a specific weight class.

However, there are no standard championship belt types that correspond to specific wrestling weight classes, such as silver belts for middleweight champions or gold and diamond belts for heavyweight champions.

While there are standard weight classes in professional and amateur wrestling, World Wrestling Entertainment, or WWE, which is America's largest wrestling promoter, does not largely adhere to weight classes, or ignores them entirely, because its wrestling is potentially staged. Consequently, its championship belts are usually one-of-a-kind and event-specific.

In both amateur and professional wrestling, champions receive a custom championship belt that a private designer helps to conceive and manufacture. Championship belts, even at the scholastic and collegiate level, are often marketing strategies to raise the visibility of a corporate sponsor, the event and the host of the event. At the professional level, champions have the liberty to alter the design and concept of the belt after they receive it.