What Are Some Different Baseball Pitching Grips?


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Pitching grips in baseball include the four-seam fastball grip, three-finger change-up grip, beginner's curve-ball grip and split-finger fastball grip. Each different pitch requires a slightly different grip on the ball to obtain the correct ball movement.

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To throw a four-seam fastball, place the index and middle fingertips on the perpendicular seam of the baseball. The horseshoe seam faces the ring finger, and the thumb is placed directly beneath the baseball. The thumb should not rest on a seam but on the smooth leather of the underside of the baseball.

Grip a three-finger change-up, as the name suggests, with the three middle fingers of the pitching hand. Center these fingers on the horseshoe seam that still faces the ring finger. The thumb and little finger rest on the smooth leather underneath the baseball.

Beginner's curve-balls are gripped very differently than the other two pitches, with the index finger pointing out and not placed on the ball at all. Place the middle finger on the bottom seam of the baseball and the thumb on the back seam. The split-finger fastball is an advanced pitch where the index and middle fingers are placed on the outside of the horseshoe seam with a firm grip.

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