What Is the Difference Between a Sports Tent and Camping Tent?


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The main difference between camping tents and sports tents is their function. Camping tents are used for sleeping, while a sports tent is just used to provide shelter from the rain, sun, snow or wind at sports events and outdoor activities such as fishing and hunting.

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Because of their varying functions, sports tents are easier to assemble than camping tents, as the latter require more stability to stay put for a longer period. Camping tents are also usually made of more durable materials, ranging from canvas to heavy duty polyester, to withstand harsh weather conditions. Sports tents are made of lightweight materials that can still provide adequate shelter from the elements.

In addition, sports tents have less floor space than camping tents and mostly fit one or a couple of seats. However, they stand much higher than the average camping tent giving more flexibility of movement. Most sports tents come in a compact package making them very portable. Some camping tents are equally portable but have more accessories and parts than sports tents.

Lastly, sports tents have a larger transparent surface area than camping tents, which have zippers and meshes to customize transparency. Therefore camping tents provide more privacy while sports tents allow for a clearer view of events.

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