What Is the Difference Between Baseball Cleats and Soccer Cleats?

Soccer and baseball cleats differ in their cleat, sole design, weight, material and ankle design. Using soccer cleats for soccer and baseball cleats for baseball ensures that the cleat lasts a long time. If the cleats must be shared between sports, choose a soccer cleat over baseball. The baseball cleat can be dangerous for playing soccer without modification.

Baseball cleats have an extra toe stud that is dangerous during soccer tackles. Soccer referees may not let a player wearing baseball cleats play. The toe stud can be cut off to modify a baseball cleat for soccer.

The sole design of a soccer cleat differs from a baseball cleat in that it eliminates the midsole to bring the player closer to the ground. Removing the midsole helps make soccer cleats somewhat lighter than baseball cleats.

The material of a soccer cleat also tends to be more flexible than the baseball cleat, which allows the player to feel the ball. The material on the top of the cleat is also thicker to withstand repetitive kicking.

The ankle design of a baseball cleat often features ankle support to help baseball players as they run and slide. Soccer cleats do not have this support because they are designed to allow the players freedom in their foot movement.