Did Rick Leave OCC?

Rick Petko left Orange County Choppers in order to start his own business, RPD & Co. This company is based in Stroudsburg, Pa., and offers custom metal fabrication and welding. Rick Petko originally worked for Orange County Choppers full time but left the company to focus on his own business.

Rick Petko is still listed on the Orange County Choppers TV show website, but it is made clear he is no longer a member of the team. He joined OCC in 2003 and was still a full-time employee when production of the TV series started. He became famous for his ability to produce detailed, hand-crafted metal pieces for custom bikes. However, Petko himself admits that he never joined OCC with the intention of making a TV show, and he did not expect the show to be as popular as it turned out to be.

Petko was born in Bath, Pa., and after leaving Orange County Choppers he moved back to Philadelphia. At his new shop he works on a wide range of projects, including cars, knives and even highly ornate traditional blacksmith work in addition to the custom bike parts that he became famous for while working at Orange County Choppers.