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Richie Incognito sent a variety of vulgar and racially insulting messages to teammate Jonathan Martin, including texts and voice messages. He called Martin a variety of racial slurs, threatened to slap his mother, called him gay, and threatened to kill him.

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In 2013, two players for the Miami Dolphins were involved in a scandal that was precipitated by harassment of one veteran player towards a rookie. Richie Incognito was the veteran and white player, while Jonathan Martin was a rookie and was African-American. The harassment of Martin began in 2012 and continued into the 2013 season. Incognito continuously sent Martin a variety of messages, in addition to harassing him to his face. He made sexual and violent comments towards Martin as well as his family. Incognito also encouraged other players on the team to join in the harassment of Martin.

At one point, Incognito detailed to Martin how he and the other players intended to rape Martin's sister. Incognito also threatened violence on Martin's mother. Incognito also made a variety of homophobic comments to Martin, implying he was gay and threatening to rape him. Martin eventually left the team, and Incognito was suspended indefinitely by the Dolphins once all the evidence surfaced.

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